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New YouTube Channel!

Avenger Friends has a new Youtube channel where you can post your most memorable clips and videos. Post your best stuff in the Twitch-Clips channel in the Discord to be featured and don’t forget to follow here: YouTube

Partner Push for Slev86


Avenger Friends is helping to make Slev86 Partner. That means we need your support! Click here to learn more about our partner push! Partner Push

Icewyte Talks about Streaming

Mentor Mondays is a chance for us to all learn together and grow as a community. Its a chance to learn new skills, develop new ideas and ask burning questions. We’re going to journey from Affiliate to Partner and capture how we do it.

Each week you’ll put the new skills and ideas you learnt into practice in the form of challenges. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed in-fact that’s almost better, as we’ll come back and analyze why we didn’t and how we can change it! Lets work this out together and have fun doing it. (Time: GMT 8:45pm-11pm here

New Patreon Rewards

We have new rewards for our Patreon donors. Now you can get your own page on our website, sell your merchandise on our store, get your own email address @avengerfriends.com and a lot more. Check out what you can get for your donation to Avenger Friends: Patreon

Fortnite Tournament

Congratulations to Team Uprising for winning our Fortnite Tournament. Check out their winners video here Team Royal also finished in second place. Taking their first placement of the team tournaments. A special shout out to streamer DazizE for hosting the event. We look forward to seeing you again at our Apex tournament!

Black Ops 4 Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of our Black Ops 4 PC, XBOX and PS4 tournaments. Team Valor took two amazing first place wins. Team Uprising took one first and second place win and Team Optics won one second place win.

Discord Artist Team!

Meet Hydra! The awesome new team of Avenger Friends artists. They can help with emotes, banners, logos and anything you need to make your channel look the unique style you want. Join the Discord and visit our Discord Artist channel to browse portfolios and place your commission. Each artist brings a unique style so you’ll find just the one you want to bring your vision to life. We had a lot of applicants and it was very hard to pick but we narrowed our team down to four artists.


Lead Artist: Drathial
Discord Artist: EmpressG
Discord Artist: Kyannight
Discord Artist: ivyplaysgames

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