You approach Chefsean's booth

I’m glad you’re helping us out. Now we can get some evidence against Kingray.

“Why are you sure he did it?” You ask.

“I was the one putting the festival together. We were taking some old pallet boxes from a warehouse at night. We also got some left over paint we saw by the dumpster for our signs. Kingray signed up to be at the festival but we ran out of pallet boxes for booths. We had to make some tough decisions. All he knew how to make from his oragami booth he wanted was paper airplanes. I mean what would you do?”

“So he was pretty upset?”

“That’s an understatement. He said we’d all pay and he’d get revenge.” Chefsean frowns.

“Did anything else happen?”

“Someone sawed off the legs of my booth last week! I saw him earlier that same day too. He looked upset. He just hung out for a couple hours then left. He didn’t even buy anything. I also saw Lucifer. He bought one of my hot dogs but said he got sick and left that day.”

You thank him for his help and continue your investigation.

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