Cherry Blossom Festival

You arrive at the festival to see makeshift booths that look like they were made from pallet boxes. Each booth is painted with a gawdy pink paint that is dripping down from it’s sign. It looks like Narrisa picked some dandelions and put them in a jar for sale. Pikachu is selling his old Atari games. Chefsean is selling hot dogs. They aren’t cooked and it looks like he’s just selling individual hot dogs from packages. Comanda is selling plushies with sombreros at the peach blossom festival. She also seems more interested in live streaming the event on her phone than working the booth. Itsdarkside is selling dueling gloves. Which are actually just gloves from a latex glove box. Mehmore has some fish for sale. It looks like the goldfish has seen better days. You weren’t sure what to expect but you should have known. Since you’re already here you decide you may as well look around.

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