Dead By Daylight: Kill or be Killed


A review by Hillbilly Buu

Dead By Daylight, where do I begin, the people who created this game must have had a twisted mind. When you first get into the game the tutorial starts you off slow, but the tutorial does not give you the feeling you get when the killer is hunting you down the middle of the match with two generators remaining.

This game is truly the meaning of intense horror, with their large selection of Killers ranging from Freddy Krueger to Michael Myers, the developers of this game wanted to bring in a taste of classic horror movies into their game and guess what THEY DID. Now to go with all the killers you also have a large selection of survivors which include Laurie Strode from the Halloween movies, and a lot of other survivors each with their perks that will help in the matches.

To win a match in this game, you must and I mean MUST repair five generators and open a gate all while watching over your shoulder, because you never know when the killer will hunt you down. The killers are attracted to one main thing in my opinion and that is the sound of a failed skill check, but even if you fail a skill check the killer could be chasing one of your other teammates as they try to buy you time to complete the generator that you are working on.

Everything in this game seems to run smoothly, but there are some instances, where you get kicked from a match because “You lost connection with the host.”
No matter how strong your internet is, you could lose connection with the match you are in, but then again that only happens one match out of maybe five thousand.

So besides that rare disconnection from matches this game still has one of the strongest player bases that I have seen out of games like this, The survivor match queue is pretty short but depending on your killer rank you could be waiting for one-three minutes. All survivors and killers who are new to the game start at rank twenty and work their way down to Rank one, but as you get closer to the rank one you tend to deal with more generator rushers which means they rush to get the generators done so they can exit the match quicker and possibly get more blood points. That is right guys I said blood points, blood points(or BP) are used to level your survivor/killer blood web which means you can unlock new perks and eventually unlock all your perk slots so you can better survive the match.

In conclusion, I believe that Dead By Daylight is a fab that will never die, the developers really know how to entertain people, with all the new maps, killers, and survivors. Everything about this game just screams Video Game Hall Of Fame, this game definitely gets the Hillbilly Buu seal of approval.

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