Want to join an amazing community of streamers, gamers, developers, artists and more? Do you want to make friends to chat and game with, find artists or get tech support when you need help? Join our amazing Discord community full of friendly and helpful members. If you would like to join please read and agree to our Discord rules below.

**The Rules**

1. Do not spam going live posts in inappropriate channels, or offer follow for follow/host for host. You may post when you’re going live in #live-now👾
only. You must ask a mod to post a live now post in general. Posting when you go live or asking for hosts/followers cannot be your only interaction
with the community.
2. Do not speak poorly of, bully, or get into heated discussions with other members.
3. Do not post pornography, nudity, or sexually explicit content in our public channels.
4. Do not sexually harass members. if someone asks you to stop flirting, making sexual innuendos, or jokes, you must immediately stop.
5. Hate speech will not be tolerated. No racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc. jokes or posts allowed.
6. Do not promote other Discords or post links to other Discords or a Paetron fund in channels.
Do not DM spam members unsolicited invites to Discords, Paetron pages, going live messages or your social media. If you consistently copy all
our ideas and upcoming projects for another Discord you will be banned.
7. Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or malware will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
8.  Listen to what the Officers, Directors, Manager of Operations and Commander-In-Chief say when you are being warned.

By clicking the picture below to join you agree to follow our community rules. Welcome to the Avenger Friends!

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