You decide to visit Itsdarkside's booth

“I’ll tell you everything I know. This all started four maybe five days ago. I headed out for the day and realized I left behind a box of gloves. It was getting pretty late and I couldn’t see that well but I decided to head back. When I got closer I heard some sounds coming from one of the booths. I heard something that sounded like sawing. I called out and a figure darted across the festival into some trees. I didn’t get a good glimpse but they had on some kinda disguise.”

“What makes you say that?”

“It’s hard to explain but the shadow was wrong somehow. It just didnt look like a normal human.”

“Did you see anything else?”

“I saw Kingray and Lucifer hanging around the festival that same day. They both seemed nervous and jumpy. Lucifer had one of chefsean’s hot dogs and then said he felt sick and left around 3PM. That’s all I know.”

You thank him for his time and continue your investigation.

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