Interview with +7 Software’s Developer!

Hello Everyone! Recently we sat down with Mike from +7 Software to interview him about his company and his Zombie Survival game Final Days.

What inspired you to make Final Days?

“I’ve always been a big fan of zombie movies, especially George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead franchise. The idea of surviving in a zombie apocalypse has always fascinated me, and I’ve always wanted to make a game which explores that further.”

Did you have any interesting challenges while working on the game?

“Oh, most definitely! I had a lot a LOT of challenges working solo on Final Days! But I would say the most interesting (and toughest) challenge was the online multiplayer aspect. It took a lot of research, work, testing, and plain old trial and error to get it working smoothly over a wide variety of internet connections. Especially with so many players and enemies in the game at once!”

Where did the names for the bots in the game come from?

“The names came from the movies Predator, and Aliens (both very good movies which I highly recommend watching if you haven’t seen them).”

What got you interested in game development?

“I always loved video games from a very young age. But I also wasn’t entirely satisfied with the games I had access to at the time and had ideas of my own. So I picked up the programming manual for my family’s Commodore 64 computer (yes, I’m old ;p) and went from there!”

Do you plan on making any sequels to Final Days?

“I do have some ideas for a possible sequel. But no plans at this point in time unfortunately due to a lack of money and time.”

Do you plan on taking this game to platforms other than Steam?

“No, not at this point in time (again due to a lack of money and time). But I would have liked to do a Nintendo Switch port in particular as I feel Final Days would work well on it.”

Do you have any projects you may want to work on in the future?

“For sure! I would love to make another game which further explores the zombie apocalypse idea in more depth. So more of a survival oriented game which has other aspects such as building, crafting, and exploration. Hopefully I can work on something like this in the near future.”

Please go check out Final Days!

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