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Puzzles are essential for improving your mental speed and thought process. There are many different puzzles out there like Mechanical, Logic, Word and Pattern puzzles but no matter how good the puzzle is we have to give props to the Puzzle Designer. It’s always an interesting when you get to interview a puzzle designer and that’s just what we did! We recently got to interview Fubenalvo the developer of a difficult and beautiful 3D puzzle game called Flux cave So please enjoy this amazing interview with the puzzle designer/developer of Flux Cave!

Could you tell us a bit about your game Flux Cave?

“Flux Caves is a classic puzzle game with a kind of old-school game mechanism where I am not holding the hand of the player. It was fundamental that the player discovers everything and finds out how it all works.
The core of the game is that we have to repair pipes by literally putting pieces together. The rolling balls – that can now flow through the pipes, thanks to the player – activate the exit and allow us to go to the next level.”

What inspired you to make Flux Cave?

“After finishing developing NeonCode, I had a break from game development and focused on playing instead. I got a Switch and started my adventures in Zelda BotW, where there were a handful of puzzles in which I had to roll a ball to a labyrinth exit. That’s when the new idea hit me; Portal and The Witness were also two games that influenced the final gameplay of Flux Caves.”

Did you have any interesting challenges while working on the game?

“From the very beginning, I have been expecting some mishaps regarding the physical motor of the engine, but it still surprised me just how many times it reacted randomly. Moreover, it took a great effort to manually drag the balls to a given spatial point and send them on their way with a fixed force vector.”

Do you plan on making any DLC for the game that adds more puzzles?

“Yes, I am planning to release a free map package at the end of the year, with a Nepal/Himalaya topic. It all depends on when will I be able to create fresh and creative maps.”

Almost every puzzle has a new Gimmick to it Which one was your favorite to make?

“Let me think about it… there is a map where there’s just not enough pipes to complete the puzzle. You have to play with the elevators in order to succeed. I really like that one.”

Do you plan on taking this game to platforms other than Steam?

“I would sincerely love to, but only as an independent developer which seems to be a harder process. So far, I have been only reaching out to Nintendo as I would like to release the game on Switch. If I don’t succeed, perhaps I will find a publisher who could help me.”

Do you have any Projects you are currently working on?

“I am still busy with patching up Flux Caves based on the feedback. I am planning to take a break before I start working on the DLC – after all, you need some time to play! 🙂 “

Would you ever consider making this Game online Co-op?

“I’ve been thinking about it, but I am not sure how it could be done creatively. The solution would probably be that all the puzzles would need to be completed together.
If there will be such an option, that would probably be a local co-op though.”

What is your dream as a game developer?

“This is not so easy to answer, since I’ve already achieved more in this field that I have ever hoped for. I have two self-released games on which I got great feedback, and prestigious gaming magazines have written articles about them which really melts the heart of the kid in me.
If I would have to define a dream, then I would say that I hope that 100x or even 1000x more people will play Flux Caves!”

Is there anything you would like to tell other Game Developers who are just now starting out?

“Start with minor ideas and follow them through. Many people make the mistake that they want to create the best game in the world as their first experience. Your starter project should be a simple one, then you can have a slightly more complex one and so on. This way, you can discover your own boundaries and rest assured, you will make mistakes in the simplest projects as well, which will be a great lesson for your future ones.”

That concludes our wonderful interview with Fubenalvo. Please go check out his game Flux Cave on steam!

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