Interview with Garage Studios

Hello everyone, recently we sat down and got to talk to the Game studio Garage Studios! They created this out of world futuristic multiplayer fps/tps game called Dissolution!

How did your team come together?

“The team started when I ordered pizza and Adam (lead programmer) delivered pizza to my house.”

Are there any other project(s) you all plan on working on in the future?

“No plans yet.”

What are some things you enjoy about developing a game?

“Seeing the project come together and Getting good reception from our players. Your reactions to what we make is what ultimately rewards us.”

Where did the Idea for Dissolution come from?

“Out of the office bong. Dissolution was originally intended to be a single player game, which was shelved by Adam. One day, we smoked weed and got super high. We started talking about how it would be so cool to have a game with cryptocurrency tokens used for items and economy. Adam then mentions that he has a half-built back end for an fps game and here we are today.”

I’ve noticed that in LAN you fight against floating sentries instead of Player cpu bots. Are there any plans to make a survival game mode where a small team can fight off waves of them?

“Yes. Also zombies.”

In the Pitchdeck there was talk about ship combat how do you plan on integrating that into the game?

“Eventually we want the combat to be similar to Battlefield with a mixture of vehicle and FPS combat.”

How do you plan on expanding on the mmorpg aspect of the game?

“MMORPG aspects will come after we release our Alpha. We plan on slowly releasing more open world content, space stations, social areas, mining, etc. It will be a community driven process.”

How many maps and game modes do you want to have by the time of the game release?

“For our alpha release, we’re looking to have 3 fps levels, and 2 game modes: PVE and PVP. As we continue development, we will have the community vote on which game modes to implement next.”

How do you plan on adding twitch integration into the game?

“We will add a twitch API in-game which will award players in-game currency for streaming our game. the payout will vary based on how popular your stream is.”

What are your plans for Dissolution in the future?

“Full sandbox MMORPG experience similar to eve.”

Please do check out Dissolution on steam It is currently in Early Access on steam.

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