Interview with Yann Picard

Tell us a little bit about your game, for those who have never heard of Nasty Rogue

NastyRogue is an Action based RPG Adventure. Your goals consists of slaying your way into multiple dungeons in order to upgrade your equipment, explore some ancient ruins and dash with style.

What inspired you to make Nasty Rogue?

Terraria really was the game that got me into making this game. I just imagined what terraria would look like in 3D third person. Also the voxels are super fun to and satisfying to look at so I choose this style.

There are 3 different classes that you can play in the game. Which one is your personal favorite?

My favorite class is definitely the rogue because this was the first class to be made and the game was made based around his abilities. The dual wielding is also really insane haha

Did you run into problems when balancing the enemies in the game?

Of course! Some say that the bosses are too easy and some get stuck on the first level. Not only do I have to balance the enemies, but also the equipment of the player and that’s kinda hard.


What is the most efficient way to deal with bigger groups of enemies?

The ground pound is over powers right now, also magic is good because it goes trough the enemies and shields so it’s good for crowd control.


Do you plan to add a story to the game? What else can we expect in the future?

If I add a story I won’t be a huge one because I don’t plan on making it the focus of the game. If you think about it.. Minecraft doesn’t really have a story but the world give hints about something going on in the universe of the game, so I might do something similar to that.


What kind of problems did you run into during development?

My codes are old because I started the game 2 years ago and my codes were spaghetti back then😐 I had no idea of what I was doing so now I need to go back and clean it up 😃

You said you were planning to add multiplayer to the game. Are there going to be changes in the levels in multiplayer such as more enemies or stronger enemies?

Multiplayer will be very different from single player (for now) I was thinking of making only one level (a big one) with 5 zones where enemies will respawn and each zone will have a unique boss for the players to kill and farm loot. That will be soooo fun, but I need to fix my spaghetti code first ahah!


Are there going to be more customization options for your character?

I will definitely add more of those, it’s really easy to make actually. I just focus on bigger things right now like multiplayer.

What was your first experience in game development?

I started at 15 years old on my mom’s laptop and I made a bunch of really bad platformers and puzzle games until I realized that I wanted to do an rpg.

Do you have any further plans for games in the future?

My biggest focus right now is multiplayer, I’m soooo exited to play with every one and interact directly with the community this is my absolute dream. If the game gets bigger I might publish it on Xbox and Nintendo switch, but for now it’s only my first release on steam and I’m really proud of it 😊

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