Interview with Rush Attack Voice Actor Nickkole

In our PR department, we get to interview several game-development studios, publishers and, also independent solo developers and share their exciting stories about their games. Today we got something different for you! We got the opportunity to reach out to one of the Voice Actors for the game Rush Attack and had an amazing interview with them.

Thank you for the interview Nickkole. Could you tell us a little bit about Rush Attack and how you got involved in the project?

Thank you so much for having me! Rush Attack is a new fighting indie game hitting the market soon that showcases a majority of black fighters that have never been done before. I got involved with the project when they made a casting call in a large community group I’m apart called Black Girl Gamers.

I love that Rush Attack is a platform, fighting, and beat-em-up style game. What were you most excited about in working on this project and what have you enjoyed most about it?

6 years ago I was surprised by my brother accompanying me to the gaming convention EVO. During the last tournament set with Street Fighter, my brother makes a comment saying “Are you gonna be the next voice in Street Fighter?” It was a joke but I took it seriously and used it as motivation. What I’m most excited for is the fact that I get to be apart of a fighting game that my brothers will play and hear my voice in, even though it’s not Street Fighter it still is an amazing stepping stone and one that I’m still grateful to be apart of! I‘m also enjoying seeing all the new progress being made for my character and different cutscene I’ll be recording!

How did you first become interested in voice acting?

I was first interested when I was in middle school. I would watch a ton of anime and at some point, I started looking into who voices certain characters, because you’ll hear similar voices from different animes. It wasn’t until this year that I finally put interest into action and Rush Attack was the first audition that firmly placed me into the voice acting world and I love every minute of it.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to get into video game voice acting?

Honestly, when you do what you love, anything you do becomes 10x easier. I didn’t and still don’t have the money to receive professional coaching but what I did have was early opportunities. When I started researching voice acting in middle school the most important thing I remembered was that voice acting is still acting and if you don’t feel the character, you won’t be the character and the voice loses all meaning. So, I took up drama in high school, and during my senior year, I put on my first ever live voice acting performance! Then in college, I took part in different productions at our theater to maintain what I’ve learned. Even though I wasn’t able to start voice acting until this year, I made a conscious effort to teach myself as much as I can when the time came and I’m thrown in the booth. Sometimes the things we want don’t happen until years later and that’s okay, when you love what you do your career starts the day you begin practicing and every moment that you took to get where you are today will always be worth more in the long run.

How did you decide on what voice style to use for your character Nia? What is her personality like?

The description of her was a combination of Number 5 from Code Name: Kids Next Door and Cerebella from Skullgirls. I watched Code Name and played Skullgirls, so I had an idea of what I wanted Nia to sound like. I also took into consideration how she perceives fighting. Nia loves fighting and will make sure that every fight she is in she gives her 100%, so I made her voice cheery with sass because you’re gonna need an attitude when you proclaim that you’re the best fighter around ahaha!

What other projects would you like to work on in the future?

I would love to get in the anime industry with Netflix, Viz Media, and D’ART Shatjio which is the first major anime studio created by Black animators!

You can check out more about the game on Facebook:

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