You visit Narsisa's booth.

“It’s just terrible what’s happening to our festival.” Narsisa says, clearly upset.

“Have you noticed anything unusual going on?” You question.

“Well Spuddy came by my booth a few days ago. He asked if you could cook and snort my dandelion flowers I was selling. I mean I guess anything’s possible so I told him yes. I wanted to make a sale. He went around buying up everything at all the booths. I guess he wasn’t happy with all his purchases. The next day he came back and brought a green shirt and said ComManda ruined all his clothes with her plushie’s.”

Narsisa continues “I also noticed some of the  paint we used for our signs went missing a few days ago. The paint has lead in it and is pretty toxic so we keep it locked away. Only the people involved in the festival know where the key is. I’m not sure how someone found out about it. Nothing was broken into so they had to have used the key to steal it.”

“Have you seen anything else?”

“Nothing I can think of.” Narsisa tells you.

You thank her for her help and continue your investigation.

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