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We are offering a new partner program to help our members get to partner. You’ll be featured on our partner push page, our website here and have a role that appears higher in the member list in our Discord. This is for people who have worked hard, supported a lot of people and are getting closer to partner. To apply. . . You must:

                                    • Be an active member of the community Discord.
                                    • Support other channels in the community
                                    • Have 40+ concurrent viewers

To apply for the partner program click here:
Please send Kitty Avenger a DM on Discord after you’ve submitted your application with a screenshot of your concurrent viewers.

Check out our Partner Push Slev86:

Message from Slev86: My name is Steve Aka “Slev”I’m 33 years old and I live on Long Island. My very first stream was on March 9th 2018 and been loving it ever since. Never too late to start. I consider myself a variety streamer but I started my journey streaming a lot of Fortnite, then started with Destiny 2, Blackout, Gears 5, and now maining in Sea of Thieves. I am a very positive person and love good vibes! I joined the Avengers a few weeks after it started and I consider the community my home! The friendships I have made are unforgettable. My stream vibes are 90’s Nick-toons, Disney, and Cartoon network vibes. I grew up in the 90’s when those toons were the best! It makes me happy to remember them in my stream! I started on an Xbox and a Kinect and upgraded over the year. I have a very supportive community who support my goals. I am also a Co-Host of Live streamed Pod Cast called “The Brew Boys” where we interview streamers we come to love and get to hear their story. I have an amazing girlfriend who supports my goals and is a huge motivator for me. I have my Pit-bull Dexter ( The reason everyone comes to the show) I am the Co- Captain of Team Valor…VALOR 4 LIFE! Words of advice I can give to anyone starting streaming. Be selfless, support, network, make friends and enjoy the journey! Dedication, consistency and hardwork! I have many goals I want to hit in my streaming career. I also live my life by HDEU (Head Down Eyes Up) – When you’re feeling defeated, head might be down, but eyes still looking life right in the eyes!

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