Partner Push

Avenger Friends is doing a partner push for long time member Slev86. He has been a huge supporter to all of our members and wants to make us an official stream team once he hits partner! We are asking everyone in the community to come by his channel when he is streaming to show support and help us all achieve our goals! Check out his stream below when he’s live and visit him at:

Message from Slev86: I’m honored to be chosen for the partner push! I have been in the Avengers since it first started and watched this place grow! So many amazing people have joined this place! I’m very proud of how hard so many of you work on your streams and make friends. We are all have different goals in streaming and going for partner is a big one. Very hard to do and everyone needs support doing it. What the Avengers need is a stream team and I would be honored if I can help bring one to the Avengers.


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