Binx is a new kind of social streaming community focused on the content creators, Building apps, tools and services dedicated to enhancing social video streaming all over the world.
The community is a completely organic space that seeks to encourage member networking, engagement and support. Working hard to provide a community space where Streamers can connect with one another and help lift each other up, Binx believes that the best kind of brand growth happens when real humans find it easier to connect and engage with each other.

Avenger Friends has a few premium Binx raid tokens, Binx coins, a free game token for a free video game and an extra spin to pass! Each month we will be doing giveaways. Our stream team will in addition be entered into win extra Binx premium features to help grow their channel.

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Mad Monk Teas is on a quest to bring you the best teas in the world! They believe the best teas on earth are not only delicious but also grown in harmony with nature. They’ve joined up with Avenger Friends to support our monthly tea club! Members get amazing discounts.

Use codes:

Avenger25 – This will apply a 25% OFF coupon to anyone’s first month on the tea club.

MadMonk40 – Will get you 40% OFF any teaware on the site.

Interested in joining our tea club? Each month we select a sample size tea from Mad Monk Tea and drink and make it together while streaming. You can also win great prizes for joining! Not sure how to make loose leaf tea? We’ll show you how! Our May Tea Club pick is a green tea called Drunken Meadow. Click to purchase a sample here. 

Send a message in our Tea Tuesday channel or a DM if you’re joining the tea club.


It’s Squids vs Humans in Squids From Space! Battle with teams of SQUID aliens or HUMAN military, to collect resources, save or capture civilians, fortify your base, upgrade your weaponry and capture the enemy’s Commander or the aliens’ beloved Squid Brain. The fast-paced action of Squids from Space game-play is easy and fun to pick-up, but it will take the might of a team working together to turn the tide of battle toward ultimate VICTORY.

Avenger Friends has their own Squids From Space spray in the game and has fun Squids From Space tournament community nights. Best of all the game is free to play on Steam!

To get the Avenger Friends spray fill out this form here: Form

These are humanity’s FINAL DAYS! You are one of the last survivors after dirty warfare left most of the world mutated and thirsty for blood.

Final Days is an intense arcade-style shooter where you battle relentless hordes of mutants. As the hordes grow into the hundreds, work together with your team to survive the frenetic onslaught.

Annihilate mutants, collect better ammo, rack up your score, and try to stay alive as long as you can. You may die, but your top scores will live on in the leaderboards!

We have many members in Avenger Friends who play and love the game and definitely recommend trying it out!

The game is available for purchase on steam.
You can also try the free Demo version and try before you buy the game!

They also have an official Discord Server

Next Level – The Gamers Den is a gaming community and online store offering a wide range of games, equipment and accessories for all types of gamers!

Available are games for purchase, screen rental time on Next Level’s 4K HDR 240hz 18ms low-latency TV’s, Magic the Gathering (MTG) singles and packs, as well as other Customizable Card Games (CCG) , Trading Card Games (TCG), customizable e-sports jerseys, merchandise, monthly gaming subscriptions, and family games are carried online through the Next Level Gamers website and TCG Player.

Use the code AVENGERFRIENDS on checkout on their website for a 10% discount!

They also host magic the gathering games in their discord on Fridays. Check this link for more info:


Triumph Chairs is a gaming chair company specailizing in comfort and performance. Long duration streams become uncomfortable over time and a gaming chair is the perfect solution for ongoing streaming and gaming over several hours.

The company has been founded early 2020 has has received hundreds of positive reviews on several social platforms. They provide a large variety of chairs in different shapes, styles and colors for an affordable price. Triumph chairs are highly adjustable and have a high durability to provide a long-lasting comfort for all gamers especially in long gaming and streaming sessions, no matter if it’s for casual or competitive gameplay.

Triumph Gaming is now sponsoring Avenger Friends, providing us with a 10% discount code you can use on checkout. They provide free shipping for all orders above 70$ and a free gaming chair to give away with every 3 sales using that code. 10% Discount:


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