Police Station

You arrive at a run down police station that looks like it hasn’t been renovated since the 1970’s. You see Fireangel sitting behind a counter. 

“You’re here investigating the case?” She asks.

“How do you know?” You glance over and notice she’s playing minesweeper on her computer.

“Oh that whole group from the festival texted me a minute ago. They said you’re some kinda detective.”

“But I’m not a…”

“I don’t know where those three went.” Fireangel interrupts. “Soon as we started asking questions around town they all disappeared. They’re all wanted suspects. I got case files on each of them. I’ll give you their files to look over and we’ll just keep it between us. The sooner this case is solved the better.” She winks and passes you some files on her desk.



Bio: Lucifer lives on a farm where he raises goats. His hair is very suspicious. 

Case Notes: Lucifer was enraged at a bad deal at the festival. He swore he’d get revenge. 

Prior record: He sold some of his goats on the black market.


Bio: Spuddybuddy is known for raging after consuming large amounts of gfuel powder. He’s been in trouble with the law and had a couple of trials in Discord court.

Case Notes: Spuddy claims his clothes were ruined when he washed ComManda’s plushie with his clothes. He said he was going to ruin the festival.

Prior Record: Emote Fraud, contempt of discord court


Bio: Likes to wear sombreros. Into arts and crafts. Likes to party.

Case Notes: Kingray was mad he wasn’t allowed to join the festival after being on the committee and helping to steal supplies with everyone.

Prior record: Stealing sombreros, illegal salsa dancing

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