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Avenger Friends partner Inception started in 2014 as a small community for a 2D fighting game called Brawlhalla. As they started to get more attention in the game, their numbers grew. 2017 was their biggest year when they converted to a full going Streaming Organization. Their numbers in September 2017 were at 300 members and now they are at 3000 and growing quickly! Their goal is growth for their members. They want you to have a positive, competitive, fun, and an overall awesome experience there.

Thank you for your interest in Inception and prepare to become Inceptionized! Click here to join:

Avenger Friends has teamed up with Lurxquad to help facilitate growth among streamers and work together toward common goals for our members! Lurxquad prides itself on being a tight-knit vetted community focusing on supporting all members to achieve their Streaming/Content goals. Our streamers are referral-only, though we will be opening the doors to non-streamers soon. We remain active and supportive throughout our progression. We offer social, technical, and stream support to all of our members, and are currently accepting applications.

If you are interested in joining our community, click the link below, read our group charter, and fill out the application. Once we’ve had a chance to check you out, you could be accepted, at which point you’ll receive a link to our Discord channel. We look forward to supporting you!

If you would like to be a partner community with Avenger Friends you must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 100 members
  • You agree to follow our community rules
  • Your community must be a positive place dedicated to helping others.

If you would like to partner with us please contact


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