Avenger Friends has in-house tournaments where each of our division teams battle for glory and prizes. Events are free and open to anyone who is a part of the Avenger Friends Discord and on a team. If you would like to apply for a team please click the link here. Get in touch with one of the staff in the Discord once you have completed your application or email We welcome players of all skill levels for our teams. Our team rules are below.

1. If you are a streamer, you WILL be required to place your team banner in your twitch panels. A team panel on stream is optional.

2. You may be asked to raid team members, participate in team events or other team activities.

3. You will have a larger responsibility along with your team to assist the Avenger Friends community and it’s members.

4. We expect you to support your team and the avenger friends community and to remain active.

5. If you are going to be inactive for a period of time please let your team leader know.

6. If you are inactive for more than 30 days without informing a team leader you will be removed from the team.

More rules are located in the Team-Rules section of the Discord.

To view the winners of our last tournaments please visit the tournament tab and Avenger Friends News.

Each team who gets first and second place receives a team graphic trophy. Prizes vary and may include, shirts from our Avenger Friends store, a team or MVP player video, gift cards and more!

Upcoming Tournaments

Avenger Friends is currently accepting sign ups for our COD: Modern Warfare tournament! Check for details in your Team-Chat channel in the Discord.


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